2016 Academies

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How Your Creativity Can Change the World (And Your Business)

with Dr Erik Guzik

Founder and Ceo of VAST: Next Generation Learning

9:00- 11:00 AM, Wednesday, Aug. 24

Dr. Guzik is the founder and CEO of VAST: Next Generation Learning, located in Missoula, MT.  VAST develops award-winning software and technology for advanced cognitive assessment and training, with a focus on applied creative thinking and problem solving in business.

Creating lasting and meaningful change in business and the larger community depends on new ideas and perspectives. Learn how to apply your creativity to realize positive outcomes to your identified goals.

Disrupt, Iterate, Rinse, Repeat

with Mario Schulzke

CMO at the university of Montana

1:00- 3:00 PM, WEDNESDAY, AUG. 24

Mario spent 10 years managing digital strategy teams at ad agencies up and down the West Coast. He is also the author of "Someone Needs To", which contains 500 awesome business ideas for entrepreneurs.

Finding it difficult to make yourself or your business stand out? Let Mario Schulzke teach you how to do something unexpected.

Stress Less

with Kayli Julius

optimal Bear coordinator at the university of Montana

9:00- 11:00 AM, WEDNESDAY, AUG. 24 

Kayli is an ACE certified health coach with over 4 years of professional health coaching experience. She is the founder/coordinator of the Health Coaching program at the University of Montana. She is also the program coordinator and lifestyle coach of the Providence Endocrinology, Diabetes & Nutrition Center.

Problem-solvers, entrepreneurs, and creative powerhouses tend to take on tons of stress. (The burden of being brilliant). Learn how to stay calm, cool and collected.

Manage Money Like a Boss

with Kim Shappee

UBS financial advisor

1:00- 3:00 PM, WEDNESDAY, AUG. 24

Kim Shappee is a financial advisor for UBS Financial Services and knows that regardless whether you are in Stellenbosch, South Africa or Missoula, Montana, access to capital and financial counsel creates jobs, grows the economy and creates a better life for all.

Change your relationship with money and get excited about it! Learn strategies to manage your money with Kim Shappee.

The Influencer Intensive: The Secret Art (and Science) of Impactful, Profitable, and Unconventional Public Speaking

with Kristi Govertsen

Professional Speaker and Coach

9:00- 11:00 AM, WEDNESDAY, AUG. 24

Kristi is a dynamic speaker and trainer who is passionate about seeing people and organizations tap into their own natural gifts and talents, while collectively achieving common goals.

Learn why storytelling is fundamental to building a lasting business.

The Social Role of Entrepreneurship

with Roch Turner

Director of Workforce Programs and Development at Bitterroot College

1:00- 3:00 PM, WEDNESDAY, AUG. 24

Roch has a background in military service, as well as National Service as an AmeriCorps VISTA. He is passionate about serving his community, both through civic engagement and social entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurs are, by nature, people who think with innovation. Often times, however, innovative thinking is focused exclusively on business endeavors. This academy will discuss the role of entrepreneurs in civic engagement and offer a better understanding of how entrepreneurs can capitalize on their experience in private industry to solve critical issues facing their communities.