Courageously Curating for 2019 !

Last Best Conference puts creativity as one of its top three pillars (alongside courage and community). With that we have exclusive partnerships with the Missoula Art Museum and Audience Awards to bring you nothing but the wildest, inspiring, knee-slapping, engaging, heart-breaking artistic acts you can imagine.

LBCon partners with Audience Awards to curate award-winning films from across the country. Audience Awards is a visionary media mediator for filmmakers and filmwatchers, to bring high-quality award-winning stories to life.

In addition, LBCon partners with the Missoula Art Museum (MAM) to collaborate on incorporating art into the bones of the conference. MAM’s expert curators are on the scene painting with broad brush strokes to inspire you while you attend. MAMs mission is “[to serve] the public by engaging audiences and artists in the exploration of contemporary art relevant to the community, state and region..“


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