chloe gendrow - musician

Chloe has called Montana home for the last 22 years. She made a name for herself in Montana when she released her first 4 song EP, Growing Pains, in January 2016 at age 19. The following year, she set out to release her debut album called Glow and in November 2017, the 9 song album written and produced by the artist made its way to the world. Shortly after Glow made its debut, the artist collaborated with producer Andrey Azizov, writing and singing on what ended up being the single “Feel Like”. The song officially released in March of 2018, and landed on the Spotify Viral 50 charts next to artists like Billie Eilish, recently surpassing 6.4 million streams. Today, she kicks off 2019 with her new EP “22 Below”, dropping in April.