Last Best Startup Competition - Written Submission Contents

1. Executive Summary

  • 1.1. Summarize in 200 words or less the key elements of your pitch.

2. Value Proposition

  • 2.1. Provide a one-sentence description of your value proposition, for example in the

    format “ABC Company helps [customer segments] reduce pain/increase gain by

    delivering/providing [products/services/solutions] using ABC’s [resources or


  • 2.2. Describe the vision/mission or purpose of your business that captures why your

    business exists and how the world will be different as a result of your business.

  • 2.3. What problem does you organization solve? What customer pain point does it

    address? What opportunity are you capturing?

  • 2.4. How does your business solve this problem?

  • 2.5. Provide a visual/graphical illustration of your product or service

  • 2.6. What value does your products/services/solutions deliver?

  • 2.7. How do customers deal with this problem currently?

  • 2.8. Why is your solution better than customers’ current options?

  • 2.9. What magic, “secret sauce” or special resources and capabilities does your

    business have?

3. Customer Segments

  • 3.1. Who do you create value for?

  • 3.2. How do you identify your customers and customer segments?

  • 3.3. Who will be your first customer?

  • 3.4. How will you gain your next 100 customers?

  • 3.5. How will you attract new customers as you grow?

  • 3.6. Provide a dollar estimate of the market opportunity for your business and/or

    discuss what customers are currently spending on solutions to this problem

4. Customer Relationships

  • 4.1. What kind of relationships do you expect to have with your customers?

  • 4.2. How will you initiate, build and maintain relationships?

5. Channels

  • 5.1. How will you reach customers?

  • 5.2. How will you deliver/distribute products or services?

6. Revenue Streams

  • 6.1. What are the revenue streams for your business (e.g. product sales, service

    fees, subscriptions etc.)?

  • 6.2. How are your products/services priced and how does this relate to the value you


  • 6.3. How do customers pay for your products/services?

  • 6.4. When do customers pay?

7. Key Activities

  • 7.1. What are the key activities involved in creating/producing and delivering your

    products and services to customers?

  • 7.2. What other key activities does the organization need perform?

  • 7.3. Who will perform these activities?

8. Key Resources

  • 8.1. What people and skills will your organization need?

  • 8.2. Describe your current team in terms of the skills and capabilities they bring to

    the venture.

  • 8.3. What physical assets (buildings, machinery, equipment etc.) will your

    organization need?

  • 8.4. What financial resources will be needed to:

  • 8.4.1. Validate your business model?

  • 8.4.2. Launch your business?

  • 8.4.3. Grow the business?

  • 8.5. Does your business have or depend upon intellectual property (patents,

    trademarks, copyright or trade secrets)?

9. Key Partners

  • 9.1. What partners will you need to perform key activities versus doing those things


  • 9.1.1. Market or sell your products and services?

  • 9.1.2. Develop or produce products/services?

  • 9.1.3. Support operations?

  • 9.1.4. Finance the business?

10. Costs

  • 10.1. What costs have you incurred so far and what costs do you anticipate

    incurring in validating your business model?

  • 10.2. What are the key cost components of your products or services?

  • 10.3. What are the other key cost components of operating your business?

  • 10.4. How will these costs vary with customer/demand levels?

  • 10.5. Imagine at some point in the future that you are, say, a $1m or $10m

    revenue business (pick a number that seems achievable to you), identify the

    annual cost levels needed to achieve that level of revenue and identify any

    significant capital investments that would be needed to support that scale of

    operations. Identify any relevant operating metrics associated with these costs

    (e.g. production units, customer service calls, marketing metrics).

11. Next Steps

  • 11.1. If you won this competition how would you use the prize money?

  • 11.2. What are the next 3 things you plan to do?

  • 11.3. What are 3 areas/capabilities that you are looking for help with?