Genevieve LeMarchal - Venture capital partner

Early stage entrepreneurs don’t have time to mess around with things that don’t work. When it comes to sales, you need a strong foundation that is created from proven strategies and practices. But this foundation also needs to be authentic and natural, not salesy and forced. It also needs to be doable for you, simplicity is key. Less is more.

Oh and also, it needs to work. Like, really really work.

This workshop will not deliver you a cookie cutter “strategy” or formula that isn’t going to work for you long-term. But what it will deliver is the clarity and confidence you need at this stage right now. It will help you build the foundation for a repeatable and scalable sales process, along with the clarity and confidence you are craving in this area in your business. Having this in place is critical for entrepreneurs, whether they desire to seek funding or not. But you won’t get funding without it.

Join Genevieve LeMarchal, early stage venture capital partner and advisor and mentor to entrepreneurs for this workshop. Her expertise is sales, growth and traction and navigating all things at the sticky early stages of launching a startup.

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