A note from the LBCon Founder 

Born from nationally renowned entrepreneurial activity in Montana, Last Best Conference (LBCon) was created by a small group of inspired community members, artists, and entrepreneurs in 2016 to celebrate our place. And yes, a river runs through it. 

Personally, Missoula centers me; its people, its instant access to public lands, its eclectic culture, and its continued support of passion projects and their creators. The Missoula community holds our hands through our individual journeys and transforms the simple notion of “a place to live” into something of an essence. An essence that is central to our wholeness, our purpose, and our humanity.

 LBCon works to harness that same Missoula essence, its powerful community, and its unique thinking in order to cultivate meaningful collaborations, connections, and experiences for the LBCon community. Whether you come to LBCon to gain inspiration, to take a leap of faith, to pursuing an idea, learn something new to apply to your job, or to make meaningful business or personal relationships, I hope that you are able to reframe your state of mind and rejuvenate your thinking. I hope that through this new lens you attain a brighter, more purposeful future, which in turn can create meaningful impact in your community.

- Morgan Slemberger