sarah kay - Head of GIM, nike

Sarah Kay is the current head of Global Innovation Marketing at Nike, with a background in brand innovation stretching across multiple continents and companies. Kay has worked to develop brands throughout Australia, Central Europe, Latin America, and for the past six years, in North America and globally. Her broad experiences enable her to lead diverse groups of people as she looks to the future of brand innovation. She is currently perfecting the brand strategy for Nike over the next few years, but she continues to plan well into the next decade as she provides vision and strategy for product growth and sustainability.

Kay regularly volunteers as a brand and career coach with entrepreneurs and small businesses. Her ability to form a forward-looking and actionable strategy are a rich benefit for those lucky enough to collaborate with Kay. Kay will be joining us at LBcon this May, and we are looking forward to hearing more details about the topic on which she will be presenting. Stay tuned for more details about speakers and conference details by subscribing to our newsletter here.