Last Best Conference has a lot going on in a lot of different places. A few things to note:
Where: Mornings: we start at University of Montana’s PARTV Building. Midday: across downtown. Afternoon: sessions at Cambium Place at the Old Sawmill District.
Transportation: We recommend bringing your bike along for LBCon this year and using it to get you in between sessions (Missoula is so bike friendly!), but your own two feet or Mountain Line busses (free fares!) are also sustainable choices (download the Mountain Line App).
Mobile Schedule: You can download the GatherBoard app in Android and iPhone app marketplaces to keep the schedule close to you. Ensure you choose Last Best Conference Events as your calendar.
Submit Your Own Session: Take advantage of being able to submit your own session! Looking to connect with other main street business owners? Digital nomads? Managers in larger organizations? Rebels in the workplace? Beer drinkers? Click the “Submit an Event” button!

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