Do you have an amazing message that leave audiences fired up and forever changed? Do you want to join the list of A+ professionals who have spoken before? If so, give us your details and will be in touch. We will be making decisions throughout the Spring and will be in touch as we make those decisions.

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LBCon is a uniquely spirited event so we ask you to embrace the mission of LBCon, to inspire pursuits of passion that leaving lasting impact, as well as its values of creativity, community, and courage. We hope your presentation can strive to highlight the passionate, cool stuff you do that inspires others to do the same, embrace an unconventional style of delivery, and limit use of slides (unless they too are unconventional, artistic, innovative, without words or charts, and very few in number). *
LBCon speakers are held in high esteem and are thought-leaders in their fields. We do ask our speakers to hold break-out session in addition to their main-stage talks. *
These range from knowledge-sharing presentations to simple, intimate Q&A sessions.
LBCon is run by a solid group of volunteers. Because of this and the spirit of the event, we cover no speakers fees, but do reimburse for plane tickets and schedule/pay for accommodations up to four nights.