LBCon celebrates Montana’s Kauffman Foundation-recognized, entrepreneurial heartbeat. The event features speakers from around the country as well as some of our own Montanans who live the mission of inspiring pursuits of passion that leave lasting impact through creativity, community, and courage.

Why should you come?

  • Engage with national main stage speakers off the stage in small, breakout sessions.

  • Opportunity to drive a session. You can (and should) pitch a session during breakouts to connect with people on a topic you want to learn more about. Self-driven sessions have ranged from manufacturing, to social media marketing, to beer tasting.

  • Panel discussions like Music and Entrepreneurship featuring Fitz and the Tantrum’s Drummer and Drum Coffee owner, John Wicks, Big Dipper’s Charlie Beaton, Lakebottom Sound’s Naomi Siegel, and Liquid Planet’s Scott Billadeau.

  • One-on-one VC, Consultant, and Banker advice sessions.

  • Opportunities for hiring managers to connect with job seekers.

  • A unique, format that moves from campus, to downtown, to the new Old Sawmill District.

  • Parties. Every. Night.

What will my LBCon experience be like? I am a(n)...



LBCon mixes main stage speakers, community breakouts, art + music + film, and the spirit of Missoula into one experience. Check our schedule page for how the conference runs -we will soon post our calendar of meet-ups created by you or other attendees where you can go to build new members of your community.


Last Best Conference is building a community of authentic dreamers, creators, innovators, and thinkers in the Mountain West. Join us to gain inspiration, new friends, and think outside the box.

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